aerial views of small boats in the stunning waters of Ksamil, Albania one of the cheapest summer vacations in Europe

11 Cheapest Summer Vacations for 2023

It’s currently Spring time, and if you’re thinking of getting away this Summer, you’ve either booked your holiday for this Summer, or you’re currently researching the cheapest Summer vacations for 2023.

Wondering where is the cheapest place to go for Summer holiday? I’ve got you covered!

While summertime has its advantages of going on vacation, such as getting extended time off from your job, kids being off school, and more, there’s an obvious disadvantage: the cost of summer vacations. It’s the time when many want to get away.

Airlines and hotel brands have been well aware of this for decades, and with the higher demand comes higher costs for a vacation you could take during another time of the year for a fraction of the cost you will pay during the Summer!

If you’re looking to go on vacation and you’re on a strict budget but still want to go to your desired destination, the answer is easy. You go there during shoulder season. But for those looking for the cheapest summer vacations, I’ve compiled a great list of destinations worldwide.

several beach lounge chairs along the Kata Beach in Phuket
Kata Beach – Phuket, Thailand

That said, if you’re fixated and destined to go on a Summer vacation, what you should do is avoid expensive destinations, such as Positano, Paris, London, Mykonos, and others. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go one day!

The list of the cheapest summer vacations comprises a mix of destinations; because my readers are worldwide, flights matter regarding your overall vacation budget.

And I wanted to include at least one or two destinations somewhat close to everyone worldwide. I’ve also focused on destinations that have beaches. Because isn’t that what Summer vacation is all about?

Costs per day for each destination consider hotels/accommodations and food prices. Of course, anything else is secondary other than your flight to the destination!

cobblestone streets in old town Lagos in the Algarve region of Portugal's South
Old Town Lagos, Portugal

To make sure you get the absolute best price for your flight, use SkyScanner. They scan every website for the cheapest flights. I’ve been using them for years.

If you’re reading this article and it’s past Summer, and you’re considering planning a vacation for later in the year, here are the 12 Cheapest Places to Travel in the World.

All prices listed in this article are US $, so make conversions accordingly. Cost-Per-Day calculations can also vary from season to season; the numbers listed for each country are a yearly average.

Also, prices may vary depending on your personal preference for hotel choice. If my hotel recommendation doesn’t fit your budget, feel free to browse for cheaper directly from there!

Here is my list of the Cheapest Summer Vacations for 2023 you should consider this Summer!

Travel Tip: Always book your FLIGHT first, flight prices are volatile, and it’s best to figure out that first before anything else.

Cheapest Summer Vacations – #1-2

Ksamil, Albania

aerial view of Ksamil Island in Albania with various shades or turquoise waters surrounding it
Credit: Polina Rytova – Cheapest Summer Vacations 2023 #1

When it comes to beautiful European Summer destinations, I’m sure Ksamil, Albania, doesn’t come to mind. That’s unless you’re familiar with the place, of course.

Located in the Southern region of Albania, Ksamil is a charming village home to some beautiful beaches.

The village is part of the Albanian Riveria. Unlike most Mediterranean destinations, Ksamil is a small secluded quiet village. Mountain views surround the island, and views of boats/ships passing in the distance is beautiful.

Ksamil really is a hidden gem, and if you live in Europe or close and would like to go on holiday this Summer but don’t want to spend too much for your summer vacation, go to Ksamil.

Here’s your answer. Many don’t think of the Balkan countries when considering a European summer vacation, and you should. They’re cheap to visit and beautiful!

Cost Per Day: $40 US

Hotel Recommendation: Poda Boutique Hotel Ksmail

Recommended Activity: Half-Day Private City Tour

Boracay Island, Philippines

views of the sand and several palm trees on the main strip at Boracay beach in the Philippines
Credit: Ramon Kagie – Cheapest Summer Vacations #2

Famous for its many resorts, nightlife, and more, Boracay is a small island in the Philippines. Over the last few years, it’s received quite a bit of traction, and more tourists are finding out about it.

Boracay is home to some of the nicest beaches in the world, its perfect blue waters are a sight to see, and the main beach strip for the island is a fun time at all times during the day and night.

The island is small enough to feel secluded but big enough so you won’t get bored. There are plenty of excursions here to do, from snorkeling to island hopping and much more!

If you’ve yet to visit the Philippines, I suggest you go and make sure you stop in Boracay for some much-needed Summer vacation relaxation. And then follow it up by visiting the famous El-Nido in Palawan.

Not only is Boracay one of the cheapest summer vacations, but the Philippines as a whole is one of the cheapest countries to visit all year round.

Cost Per Day: $46 US

Hotel Recommendation: Fairways and Bluewater Boracay

Recommended Activity: Beach Island Hopping

Cheapest Summer Vacations – #3-4

Lima, Peru

several skyscraper buildings sitting on the a high cliff along the coastline of Lima, Peru
Credit: Willian de Vasconcellos – Cheapest Summer Vacations #3

Known for being the capital of Peru and the closest big city to the historical Machu Picchu. Lima, Peru, is a Pacific coastal city with impressive architecture, great food, and impeccable ocean views.

The city has vibrant historical landmarks and is home to many ecosystems. From high mountainous ranges to one of the largest deserts in the world and beaches as well. Machu Picchu and Huacachina must be at the top of your list if you visit Lima.

While Lima may not first come to mind when things of a holiday-like destination, visiting Lima is more of an adventure, but as stated, the city still does have its fair share of beaches located just minutes away from the city center!

Peru ranks as one of the cheapest places to travel to all year round.

Cost Per Day: $48 US

Hotel Recommendation: Crowne Plaza Lima

Recommended Activity: Visting Huacachina Oasis

Marmaris, Turkiye

yachts anchored at an island in Marmaris Turkiye
Credit: Karina Boichun – Cheapest Summer Vacations #4

Located on the Turkish Riviera, Marmaris is a small Mediterranean town famous for its pebble beaches. Isolated and situated amongst dense luscious green mountains, the village really does have it all nature-wise.

With national parks, several beaches, and activities for the entire family, Marmaris is a great and affordable Summer holiday option.

The village also has a ferry that goes to Rhodes, Greece, another stunning destination for you to visit while you’re in Marmaris! And it’s only an hour away by ferry.

Another great option in Turkey, not too far from Marmaris, actually is Bodrum. Bodrum is known for being the “St Tropez” of Turkey because of its luxury accommodations and stunning beaches.

If you go to Marmaris, you could always visit Bodrum for a day or two! – As a whole, Turkiye is one of the cheapest countries to visit year-round.

Cost Per Day: $57 US

Hotel Recommendation: Motto Premium Hotel&Spa

Recommended Activity: Marmaris Day Boat Trip

Cheapest Summer Vacations – #5-6

Budva, Montenegro

views of the old European style buildings along the sea and mountain views in the distance in Budva, Montenegro
Credit: Ender Vatan – Cheapest Summer Vacations #5

Budva, Montenegro, is a hidden gem on the Adriatic coast, offering visitors a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. The city is known for its beaches, charming old town, and vibrant nightlife.

With several crystal-clear water beaches to discover, Budva is a perfect summer vacation destination. Located south of Budva is a famous island, Sveti Stefan; it’s a must-see when visiting Budva.

Lastly, the seafood is delicious here, with the fresh catch being delivered daily from the Adriatic Sea. With its nightlife, food, and amazing beaches, Budva is a fantastic affordable European summer destination.

Many dismiss the Balkan countries when considering a European Summer destination, and you shouldn’t!

Cost Per Day: $78 US

Hotel Recommendation: Hotel Budva

Recommended Activity: North Montenegro Tour

Crete, Greece

small boat going by in stunning turquoise blue turquoise waters in Crete, Greece
Credit: Elena Dimaki – Cheapest Summer Vacations $6

Famous for being the largest island in Greece, Crete attracts tourists from all over the world every year in the Summer.

The island is a fraction of the cost compared to the other popular Greek destinations, Mykonos and Santorini.

Visiting Crete, you’ve got various activities to do here because of the island’s size, from visiting mountain peaks, hiking to waterfalls, wine/olive oil tours, or driving along the coast to different areas. There is absolutely no shortage of things to do in Crete.

After your stay in Crete, you can always continue your adventures by visiting one of Greece’s many other islands! – Here are a few Greek islands you should consider visiting, Milos, Rhodes, Zakynthos, and Corfu.

Cost Per Day: $90 US

Hotel Recommendation: Istron Homes

Recommended Activity: Crete Wine & Olive Oil Tour

Cheapest Summer Vacations – #7-8

Phuket, Thailand

views during a hike of Freedom Beach in Phuket
Phuket, Thailand – Freedom Beach

Located in southern Thailand, Phuket is known for its beaches, cuisine, old town district, elephant sanctuaries, and much more. There is no shortage of things to do in Phuket.

Because of its vast size, the island is well-developed, with several resorts, hotels, and restaurants in many different districts.

Islands also surround Phuket; you can do excursions to them, the most famous being the Phi Phi islands. There is also Ko Lon, Coconut Island, and many more.

And after you’ve visited Phuket, I strongly recommend visiting Railay Beach in the stunning Krabi district of Thailand!

During the Summer, it’s off-season in Phuket, so hotels and flights are the cheapest. Making Phuket one of the cheapest summer vacations! – If you’re thinking of going during any other time of the year, Thailand is one of the cheapest countries to visit all year round.

Cost Per Day: $101 US

Hotel Recommendation: Hilton Phuket Arcadia

Recommended Activity: Phang Nga Bay/James Bond Day Tour

Lagos, Portugal

Lagos Portugal
Lagos, Portugal – Cheapest European Summer Destinations

Known for being the most famous town in the Algarve region of Portugal. Lagos is a small town in the South of Portugal famous for its beaches, cliffs, food, amazing architecture, and long history.

The cobblestone streets in the old town area, the famous Benagil caves, great wine tastings, and several beaches down the coast.

Lagos has everything you’d want in a luxurious vacation destination, but at a fraction of the cost compared to neighboring Spain, with cities like Ibiza, Marbella, and more.

As a European summer vacation, I highly recommend visiting Lagos. Despite my short stay, I had an amazing time there, and I cannot wait to return to Lagos and the Algarve region of Portugal!

Cost Per Day: $101 US

Hotel Recommendation: Agua Hotels Vila Branca

Recommended Activity: Explore Ponta De Piedade

Cheapest Summer Vacations – #9-11

Cozumel, Mexico

flat white sandy beach shoreline with several palm trees and palapas
Credit: Clem Onojeghuo – Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel is one of the largest and most famous islands in not only Mexico but all of the Caribbean. Famous for being home to one of the largest barrier reefs in the whole world, Cozumel is full of beach clubs, resorts, and stunning deserted beaches.

Conveniently located across the water from Playa Del Carmen, visiting Cozumel means you can discover two famous beach cities in Mexico. The island is a popular spot for cruise ships to make a stop throughout the year.

For those who reside in North America, Cozumel is an obvious choice for you in this list of the cheapest Summer vacations!

The island even has its own airport, so depending on where you’re flying from, you can fly right into the island’s airport.

Cost Per Day: $104 US

Hotel Recommendation: Fiesta Americana Cozumel

Recommended Activity: Turtle Sanctuary

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

several palm trees by the pool at a resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Credit: John Prefer

Another Caribbean destination, Punta Cana, is known for its luxurious hotels and resorts. The beaches here have perfect white sand, and the waters are various shades of turquoise blue.

Sitting on the Atlantic Ocean, the city has approximately a 32 km stretch of beaches in the city.

The Caribbean beach town offers several activities, such as kayaking, sailing, and zip-lining, amongst many more.

Again, for those residing on the West side of the world, Punta Cana is a great choice for one of the cheapest Summer vacations. Year-round, Punta Cana is one of the cheapest Caribbean Island destinations to visit!

Cost Per Day: $110 US

Hotel Recommendation: Vista Sol Punta Cana

Recommended Activity: Snorkeling & Lunch on a Boat

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

picturesque beach shoreline featuring palm trees, mountains and turquoise waters in Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Puerto Escondido, Mexico – Credit: Lorraine Mojca

Famous for being a small beach town along the Pacific Coast in Mexico, Puerto Escondido has quickly become more popular over the last few years. Having been there recently, I can tell you the city has a lot of developments in the works.

Amazing Mexican cuisine, some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, and vibrant nightlife. The small beach town has it all; it is best known for being a surf town, so you will notice many surfers when visiting.

It’s absolute paradise here, and the town is an ideal mix of being fun and not having too many tourists like other famous Mexican beach towns, such as Playa Del Carmen and Cancun.

There is plenty to do here, including mezcal tastings, dolphin watching, surfing, and much more, making the town an excellent choice for one of the cheapest summer vacations.

Puerto Escondido is also close to small towns you can drive to, such as Huatulco and Mazunte.

Cost Per Day: $150 US

Hotel Recommendation: Hotel Caracol Plaza

Recommended Activity: Mezcal Distillery Tour

Save Money 728x90

Cheapest Summer Vacations in June

Where you’re flying from will affect your overall vacation cost, these are the cheapest places to travel in June internationally:

North America: Cancun, Mexico

Europe: Crete, Greece

Asia: Boracay, Philipines

Cheapest Summer Vacations in July

Where you’re flying from will affect your overall vacation cost, these are the cheapest summer vacations in July internationally:

North America: Cancun or Cozumel, Mexico

Europe: Ksamil, Albania

Asia: Phuket, Thailand

karon viewpoint swing on a hike on the way to the big buddha
Karon Viewpoint in Phuket, Thailand

Cheapest Summer Vacations in August

Where you’re flying from will affect your overall vacation cost. Here’s a list of cheap August vacations to consider.

North America: Cancun or Cozumel, Mexico

Europe: Marmaris, Turkiye

Asia: Phuket, Thailand

When considering these destinations on this list of the cheapest summer vacations, all destinations have one thing in common, and that’s the fact they get booked up during Summer.

Everyone wants to go on vacation during the Summer months!

So whether you decide to go in June, July, or August, make your reservations and complete your reservations.

beach lounge chairs under a palapa on a beautiful beach with clear skies and various shades of turquoise waters in Cancun Mexico
Credit: David Vives – Cancun Hotel Zone, Mexico

Cheapest Summer Vacations by Continent

There are many amazing places to visit and discover all over the world.

While I did only focus on Summer-like vacations in this article, I did want to discuss the cheapest Summer vacations by each continent. I will list two destinations per continent.

North America:


  • Ksamil, Albania
  • Marmaris, Turkiye


  • Fez, Morocco
  • Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt


Cheapest Time to Travel in the Year

Since we’re discussing the cheapest summer vacations, I must address the fact that traveling in the Summer isn’t the cheapest if it’s the best time for you because of work holiday time or because your kids are off of school.

Then understandably, do your research, consider one of the destinations I suggested and go on that cheap Summer vacation.

But if you want to travel during the cheapest time, you must go to a place during shoulder season.

Hotels and flights are at a fraction of guests. In other words, these destinations are desperate for tourists during this time, and it will show in the prices for hotels/flights. Traveling during shoulder season is one of the best travel hacks.

beach house with classic palapa sides on the roof on a beach in Playa Del Carmen beach tap
Playa Del Carmen – Mexico

On a personal Note: I’ve always traveled during the Fall/Winter seasons of the year to destinations because there are usually great deals happening then (of course, avoid dates close to Christmas and New Year’s).

The only time I’ve traveled during the Summer is to go to Europe, and willing knew I was going to have to pay a premium because of the season.

Well, that’s all from me, choose your pick from this list of the cheapest Summer vacations and enjoy your holiday!

Before traveling to any of these destinations, or anywhere in the world for that matter, make sure you purchase Travel Insurance. You never know what may happen, and it’s best to be insured while abroad!

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