12 Travel Hacks You Need to Know

Email Yourself a Scan of Your Passport

Carry a PowerBank with you

Use a WorldWide Visa Debit

These Visa cards are great in order to avoid paying expensive foreign currency fees when traveling

Use Google Translate 

Google Translate is a life saver when visiting different countries

Don't Exchange Money at the Airport

Airport money exchange stores are known for charging way too much to exchange money

Travel Credit Cards - Get One

A good credit card with points can help you travel for free.

Roll your Clothes, it saves room

Travel during Shoulder Season 

This is the cheapest time of the year to travel, with the best deals happening now!

Pack a Laundry Bag

How do you plan on getting your clothes washed if you're away for a while?

Mark your Bag as Fragile

This will make airport staff think something is fragile inside, meaning they'll be gentle with your bag!

Prepare Your Mobile Phone for Travel

Pack a Water Bottle

Bottled water at the Airport is Expensive