12 Best Restaurants in Tulum 

#1 - ARCA 

The dishes here are well thought out, and the presentation is top. ARCA even took a 29th-ranking place in the world for best Latin American restaurants in 2022.

#2 - Hartwood

If you love seafood, stop scrolling this list of Tulum restaurants. And go to Hartwood.

#3 - El Asadero 

Meat lovers rejoice, if you’re a big meat eater then stop scrolling this list of Tulum restaurants. El Asadero is the spot for you.

#4 - Asian Bodega

You can expect pork satay with peanut sauce, crab and red curry wontons, Korean fried wings, and more. With these unique flavours, Asian Bodega is one of the best downtown Tulum restaurants.

#5 - Encanto Cantina 

This bar’s backyard garden is a great place to take a deep dive into Mexican food and spirits. There are plenty of options for tacos, ceviches, and botanas.

#6 - Gitano Tulum

Gitano has ocean views which is a big bonus, at night time the restaurant is perfectly dimmed adding to the ambiance of the place. The bar is nicely decorated and some nights they have live musical performances.

#7 - Taqueria Honorio

Taqueria Honorio is a restaurant that puts its focus only on its tacos. Not only did tourists come here, but there were also many locals eating amongst us. That reassured me we were having some of the best tacos in Tulum.

#8 - Curry by Po Thai

All the classics are here Tom Yum, Pad Thai, and satay skewers served with peanut sauce. I recommend the Khaw Pad Sapparod, Lamb Masaman Curry.

#9 - Taboo

You’re with a large group of friends, some want to eat, and others want to party with ocean views. Taboo is the answer for you.

#10 - Bonita Burger Bar

If you’re lucky during brunch, you might be able to see some local talent playing bongo drums lightly in the background. Also, the restaurant is located centrally in downtown Tulum, which is a definite bonus.

#11 - Posada Margherita 

The concept of this place was simply appealing to me, pizza/Italian food with a view of the ocean. That was enough for me to go try out Posada.

#12 - Burrito Amor 

The burritos were good, I’m not a vegan myself, so I went for their meat options. But I couldn’t understand what the hype was about for this place.