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12 Best Tulum Restaurants to Try for 2024

Tulum is home to an excellent food scene, the beach town is home to excellent local flavors from all regions of the country and many international flavors.

Being the popular beach town destination it is, it would make sense—being the foodie I am, before visiting Tulum, I did my research for the best Tulum restaurants to try.

In this list, I will share the best restaurants in Tulum for 2024—everything from Tulum’s best taco spots to fancy fine dining restaurants by the beach. 

Also included in this list are cheap eats in Tulum, the best cafes, and much more. Every time I return to Tulum, the restaurant scene grows and improves, and it’s been a great experience.

table full of various modern Mexican meat dishes including duck and lamb at Primo
Primo – Playa del Carmen

There are many options when it comes to dietary choices in Tulum. The town attracts thousands of tourists from all over the globe every year.

So, those who’re vegetarians or vegans, you’ve got quite the selection of restaurants to choose from. Considering Tulum thrives with those who prefer a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve tried half of the restaurants listed below. The rest of the restaurants were recommended by friends living full-time in Tulum.

For those looking for a foodie experience trying several taco spots, I recommend this Taco Tour.

Below is a price guide grading each restaurant in this list from cheap to too expensive. I’ve added this because Tulum is one of Mexico’s most expensive places to visit.

PRICE GUIDE for Tulum Restaurants:

$ = Less than 200 pesos (less than USD $10)

$$ = 400 – 800 pesos (USD $20 to USD $40)

$$$ = More than 800 pesos (more than USD $40)

ARCA (Mexican)

roasted bone marrow with jalapeno at ARCA, considered one of the best restaurants in Tulum
Top restaurants in Tulum – Credit: Yelp / Helen H

ARCA really does have it all. This excellent modern Mexican restaurant serves delicious Mexican food with an executed flair. Look no further, Arca is the best restaurant in Tulum.

The dishes here are well thought out, and the presentation is great. ARCA took a 29th-ranking place in the world for best Latin American restaurants in 2022.

ARCA specializes in classic Yucatan food but with a twist: roasted bone marrow with sourdough bread, soft shell crab tacos, sweet potato empanadas, and much more. The cuisine here is diverse and is considered modern Mexican cuisine.

The flavors were very much there, and complex and the presentation was appealing overall. ARCA has done a great job setting itself apart from all the restaurants in Tulum. The cocktails are excellent here as well!

This place reminded me of Primo in Playa del Carmen, but much better. Not only is ARCA one of the fanciest restaurants in Tulum, but the food is also excellent, and that’s why it takes first place on this list of best restaurants in Tulum.

Address: Av. Boca Paila, Tulum Beach, 77766 Tulum, Q.R, Mexico

Cost: $$

Visit Menu

Hartwood (Seafood)

several wooden dining chairs in a open concept Hartwood restaurant surrounded by palm trees in Tulum, Mexico
Credit: Frank / Tulum Pueblo Restaurants

If you love seafood, stop scrolling this list of Tulum restaurants. Hartwood is where you need to dine.

Everything your seafood heart desires is here. Mayan prawns are cooked in various sauces, sea bass is served on top of a Mexican-styled salad, and whole lobsters are served with a wood/smokey aroma.

The drinks are also great here, and the restaurant’s atmosphere caught my eye. The entire restaurant is open-aired, and you can see the magic happening in the kitchen while waiting for your meal.

Around the restaurant, you’ll spot many palm trees, and the floor is full of gravel, giving a Tulum atmosphere. You can also feel a nice breeze in the evening because you aren’t too far from the beach, a bonus.

The restaurant does have a romantic touch to it, so it could be considered if you’re looking for a romantic night out!

Address: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila 7-6Km, Tulum Beach, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

Cost: $$$

Visit Menu

Tu (Mexican)

a perfectly grilled octopus being served at Tu Mexican Cuisine Restaurant in Tulum
Credit: TuTulum

Located in the heart of Tulum in the Centro area, Tu is a Mexican restaurant serving authentic modern flavors.

The menu at TU celebrates Mexico’s rich culinary heritage in a modern manner, from classic seafood dishes like ceviche, perfectly grilled octopus, and tuna tartar to BBQ short ribs and much more.

Additionally to its many Mexican food flavors, the restaurant offers a carefully curated selection of Mexican beverages, including traditional cocktails like margaritas and mezcal-based drinks.

The restaurant offers both a stylish and laidback ambiance. Its decor is very much inspired by the jungle atmosphere surrounding Tulum.

Address: Andromeda Ote manzana 04-lote 08, Tulum Centro, 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

Cost: $$$

Visit Menu

Negro Huitlacoxe (Mexican)

tacos with various salsas being served at Negro Huitlacoxe restaurant in Tulum, Mexico

For those looking for traditional Mexican flavors but served in an elevated manner, Negro Hutlacoxe is your restaurant.

Negro Huitlacoxe is most well known for its tamales, birria quesadillas, roasted flavor corn ribs, and excellent cocktail list. Don’t forget to order the churro ice cream for dessert.

The restaurant has a charming decoration with many plants and lights surrounding the roof. Some nights, live music is performed to go along with your dinner!

Address: Calle Andromeda oriente #87 MZ 05 LT08, entre centauro sur y satélite sur, 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

Cost: $$

Mezzanine (Thai)

a pad thai chicken being served in a banana leaf at Mezzanine Restaurant in Tulum, Mexico
Credit: Yelp

Located along the hotel zone in Tulum, Mezzanine is a hotel and restaurant/bar serving exceptional Thai flavors by the sea.

From Thai classics like pad Thai, tom yum spicy seafood soup, red/green curry with rice, and many other flavourful Thai dishes.

Along with its many servings of Thai food, the restaurant also offers a Mexican cuisine menu, such as tacos, Mexican ceviche, and more.

For those looking for panoramic Caribbean sea views as they dine in Tulum, Mezzanine is an excellent option!

Address: Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila Km 4.4, Zona Hotelera Tulum, Zona Hotelera, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

Cost: $$$

Visit Menu

Asian Bodega

colourful Asian dishes served at Asian Bodega in Tulum, Mexico
Credit: AsianBodega / Tulum Centro Restaurants/Best restaurants in Tulum Town

I bet you didn’t think you’d find a mix of excellent Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese cuisine in Tulum, Mexico.

Asian Bodega is doing just that. Conveniently located in Tulum Centro, the restaurant is well-located and easy to get to.

Now let’s discuss the food there at Asian Bodega, you can expect pork satay with peanut sauce, crab and red curry wontons, Korean fried wings, charred wok edamame, and much more.

With these unique flavors, Asian Bodega is one of the best downtown Tulum restaurants to try.

The aesthetic the restaurant has gone for is the typical Tulum jungle vibe, perfect to go along with your great-tasting food here. It’s an excellent restaurant to visit if you’d like a palate change from Mexican food for an evening!

Address: Parque, Av. Kulkulkan 6, Palma Central

Cost: $$


Encanto Cantina (Mexican)

table full of various mexican style dishes at encanto cantina tulum
Credit: Jasmin M

This bar’s backyard garden is excellent for diving deeply into Mexican food and spirits. There are plenty of options for tacos, ceviches, and botanas.

You can also enjoy refreshing agave cocktails that combine pox with Licor de damiana or a bright, tangy Gin tonic. Also, make sure you order the mezcalita.

Embracing the town’s jungle vibe, Encanto Cantina has a full-out jungle atmosphere that is noticeable as soon as you enter the restaurant. The restaurant is also conveniently located in Tulum Town.

Address: Av. Tulum 21, Tulum Centro, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

Cost: $$

Visit Menu

Taqueria Honorio (Mexican)

a table full of various types of tacos and salsa at Taqueria Honorio in Tulum, Mexico
Credit: Lucia L

When your local taxi driver tells you to go somewhere to eat tacos, you listen. That’s precisely what happened with Taqueria Honorio.

Despite already going to the top taco place in Tulum, Taqueria La Chiapaneca. I had to take the local man’s advice, and I’m glad I did so. The tacos here were terrific, and they had many options like al pastor, steak, and even lechon!

This place is a straight-up hole-in-the-wall type of spot, with absolutely nothing fancy about the seating or decor. That’s usually where you find the best food.

Taqueria Honorio is a restaurant that focuses only on its tacos. Many locals frequent the restaurant, which reassured me we had some of the best tacos in Tulum.

Address: Satélite Sur 19, Tulum Centro, Villas Huracanes, 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

Cost: $

Visit Menu

Curry by Po Thai (Thai)

Great Thai food in the jungles of Mexico. That’s what Curry by Po Thai is, offering a wide variety of Thai flavors from both southern/northern Thailand.

All the classics are here: Tom Yum, Pad Thai, and satay skewers served with peanut sauce. I recommend the Khaw Pad Sapparod, Lamb Masaman Curry, and Kha Niaow Ma Muang (classic mango sticky rice) for dessert.

I wasn’t expecting to find any great Thai food in Tulum, and having visited Thailand many times, I’m picky with Thai food!

The food was great, and the staff was friendly and accommodating. I would definitely go back.

Address: 77780, Calle palenque y 1era poniente, La Veleta, 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

Cost: $$

Visit Menu

Bonita Tulum’s Burger Bar (Breakfast/Brunch Option)

plate of Chilaquiles with a spicy red sauce, a classic Mexican breakfast being served at Bonitas Burger in Tulum

Bonita’s is also an excellent spot for brunch or an evening with shareable Mexican appetizers. I’ve been here both for brunch and late evening and was never disappointed.

Despite burgers being the highlight at this restaurant, the restaurant serves so much more than that. But don’t get me wrong, they have a pretty good burger.

If you’re lucky, during brunch, you might be able to see some local talent playing bongo drums lightly in the background. Also, the restaurant is located centrally in downtown Tulum, making it easy to get to.

Address: C. Beta Sur, Tulum Centro, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

Cash: $$

Visit Menu

Posada Margherita (Italian)

plate of pasta with ocean views being served at Posada Margherita in Tulum Mexico
Tulum Beach Restaurants – Credit: Andrea H

Suppose you’re craving Italian cuisine and a beautiful sunset to go along with it. Then Posada Margherita is the spot for you.

Everything is very fresh here, there are dishes featuring a catch of the day, and all the pasta is homemade. Since you’re in Mexico, add a side of guacamole to your meal.

The pizza was good but not decent, but what really blew me away was the shell pasta they served.

They had a few cocktails for drinks, but I went for a few different glasses of wine instead. Finish your meal with their flavourful homemade gelato.

The concept of this place was appealing to me: pizza with a view of the ocean. That was enough for me to go try out Posada Margherita.

Address: Km 4.5 Carretera Tulum Boca Paila, 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

Cost: $$$

Visit Menu

Burrito Amor (Vegan/Gluten-free)

vegan burrito with corona beer from burrito amor tulum
Credit: Ashley H

I was confused about Burrito Amor, it’s the highest-ranked restaurant in all of Tulum on Google, with around 4500+ reviews.

So, obviously, I had to check this place out for myself. It’s more of a quick sit-down or grab-and-go type of place. But it’s great for a solid breakfast burrito.

The burritos were great. I’m not a vegan myself, so I went for their meat options. But I couldn’t understand what the hype was about Burrito Amor.

It seems the appeal for Burrito Amor is because it’s very much promoted as a Vegan place (despite having meat options as well). Afterward, many locals in Tulum are the health-conscious type.

For breakfast or a quick lunch, it’s worth a visit! I had to include it on my list of Tulum restaurants for those who are vegans because it’s still well-rated.

Address: Av. Tulum Mz 05-Lote 03, Tulum Centro, Centro, 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

Cost: $$

Visit Menu

Best Tulum Restaurants on the Beach

For those looking for restaurants on the beach in Tulum with sea views, here are a few options to choose from!

Tulum Restaurants: Vegetarian and Vegan Options

There is no shortage of vegan and vegetarian options in Tulum, and this is because Tulum is popular amongst health-conscious crowds.

  • Nomade Hotel
  • Pasha
  • The Pitted Date
  • Raw Law

Best Cheap Eats Tulum Restaurants:

  • Taqueria Honorio (Tulum Town)
  • Antojitos la Chipacaneca (Tulum Town)
  • El Takazo Jr. (Tulum Town)
  • El Camello Jr. (Tulum Town)
  • Bocanera (Beach)

Tulum Cafes

  • Rossina Cafe
  • Alagria Cafeteria Tulum
  • Ki’bok Coffe Tulum
  • Babel Cafe

Pueblo (Tulum Town) = Cheaper Restaurants in Tulum

Hotel Beach Zone = Expensive Restaurants in Tulum

Several taco stands serving many customers in the streets during the evening in Tulum, Mexico

Is Eating and Drinking at Tulum Restaurants Expensive?

It depends on where you go. It’s that simple. If you’re looking for cheap food in Tulum, you will find it, and if you’re looking for fine dining in Tulum, you will find that too. After all, Tulum is known for its hefty-priced restaurants.

Tulum’s uniqueness is that you can pay as little as 1 USD for a taco at one place and $15 USD for a taco somewhere nearby.

Tulum has many restaurants to eat or drink at to suit all budgets. Although many budget options are in Tulum Town, there aren’t really any affordable restaurants by the beach.

Dining Advice – Tulum Restaurants

Cash: Some Tulum restaurants, even some fine dining establishments, only accept cash. While some restaurants accept U.S. Dollars, most require payment in Mexican Pesos. Pay in pesos if you have the option. You will always pay more if you use dollars. 

Credit cards are accepted in many restaurants, but an additional 4%+ charge exists.

WISE cards are another option. They are international visa debit cards and work at any terminal accepting VISA. The WISE card allows you to exchange currency on the app and use your card to pay in local currency.

When paying your bill in Tulum, check the bill twice and be aware of restaurant scams in Tulum.

dim lit rooftop bar in Tulum's Centro area

Tipping at Tulum Restaurants

Tipping is a part of the culture in Mexico, similar to the US and Canada. The standard rate at Tulum restaurants is 10 to 20%

To check if the propina (Spanish word for “tip“) has been included in the bill, first look at the bill. It is best to tip in pesos so that staff doesn’t need to pay a bank to exchange it into pesos.

Watch out for some Tulum restaurants that tend to add a tip of their choice without your knowledge.

This has personally happened to me in Tulum and Playa del Carmen, so keep an eye out for it!

What food is Tulum known for?

Tulum is most known for its tacos, Mexican ceviche, tortas, Cochinita pibil and tamales.

How much is the average meal in Tulum?

The average meal in Tulum will cost you $14 US. To find these prices, stay around Tulum Town. The closer you get to the beach, the higher the prices go up.

Do you tip waiters in Tulum?

Yes, tipping is customary in Tulum and Mexico, usually a 15-20% tip, depending on how you found the service and food.

Should I bring USD to Tulum?

There’s no reason to bring USD with you. There are many ATMs where you can take out Mexico Pesos or use your credit cards at most establishments in Tulum.

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