5 Things to do in Puerto, Vallarta, Mexico

Walk the Malecon 

The Malecon is a stunning oceanfront boardwalk that runs from El Centro to the Romantic Zone. Full of shops, restaurants, bars, and more.

Take a Tour

Going on tours in Puerto Vallarta is a great way to experience and see the city’s many attributes. There’s an endless amount of various excursions to attend in Puerto Vallarta.

Day Trip to Sayulita

The town is located just an hour North of Puerto Vallarta, and it has a bit of a hippy-surfer vibe to it but is still luxurious at the same time.

Go On a Taco Tour

It doesn’t matter what city you’re visiting in Mexico. You have to go for some tacos. The best way to taste the cuisine in any local Mexican city quickly is to taste the tacos there

Rent a Yacht for the Day

One of the best ways to see the waters of Puerto Vallarta is by renting out a yacht with some friends.