6 Bodrum, Turkey - Things To Do

#1 Boat Trip in Bodrum

There are many day-long boat trips available at every coastal location in Bodrum. It’s a great time to spend with your loved one or family.

#2 Walk the City Center of Bodrum

Bodrum’s historic town center comprises many laneways that offer charming experiences and unique street art.

#3 Tour Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle is located on the promontory east of Bodrum’s harbor. The Knights Hospitaller built it in the first half of the 15th Century.

#4 Day Trip to Kos Island

Visiting the Greek island of Kos is the perfect day trip from Bodrum.

#5 Visit a Turkish Hammam

A traditional Turkish hammam is something you must do during your Turkey holiday.

#6 Have a Beach Day

The longest strip of beach in Bodrum is between the intersection of two villages, Ortakent (east) and Yahsi (west).