6 Things To Do in Progreso, Mexico

Visit Reserva Sink Hole

When visiting Progreso, Mexico - Reserva Sink Hole is a cenote well known within the town!

Afternoon at Beach Club

With such a long shoreline, going to a beach club in Progreso for the day is a the  popular thing to do here for the day.

Visit Reserva Sink Hole

At Laguna Rosada, you may sport some wild flamingos along the pink waters of this well-known lagoon.

Visit the Beaches 

The long beach shorelines of Progreso are absolutely stunning, blankets of white sand with colorful turquoise waters.

Eat Local Seafood

No matter what city you choose to visit in Mexico, one of the things you must do is eat the local cuisine. If you’ve read some of my articles, you know my love for Mexican food.

Visit Sisal 

Progreso’s next-door town neighbor is another smaller beach port city named Sisal. Much smaller in size compared to Progreso but just as charming!