6 Things To Do in Sisal, Mexico

Walk The Beach

The pier is located on Sisal’s main beach, named PlayaSisal. It was once the largest seaport in the Yucatan state and was inhabited in remote areas by the Mayan civilization.

Visit the LightHouse

Before Puerto Progreso took over Sisal, Sisal was the largest port in the country during colonial times.

Enjoy the Yucatan Cuisine 

The Yucatan region is home to several Mexican dishes, such as Papadzules, Sopa de Lima, fried fish, and more.

Day Trip to Progreso

Progreso is a one hour and 20 minutes drive away from Sisal. And there is plentiful to do there; the city is more significant than Sisal.

Swim in Cenotes

One of the most popular things when visiting Mexico is swimming in a cenote. It's the ideal spot to cool off on a humid hot day in Mexico!

Go Kayaking at Ojo de Agua

In the city, several local agencies offer kayaking tours. The lagoon in Sisal is large and full of small pockets of ground to explore!