7 Things To Do in Valladolid, Mexico

Visit Chichen Itza

When it comes to the most famous attractions in all of Mexico, Chichen Itza ranks #1 on the list.

Swim in Cenotes

The cenotes near Valladolid are some of the most beautiful and famous cenotes in all of Mexico.

Day Trip to Las Colaradas

Famous for being referred to as the “pink lake,” Los Coloradas is a lake that has pink hue water going from light blue into bright pink.

Stroll the City Center

The buildings all over the town are full of beautiful colors, giving the city a unique look.

Eat Local Food

The food is fantastic here in Valladolid, Yucatan, the best part about it is just how authentic the cuisine here is.

Visit Izamal - The Yellow City

Izamal, also known as The Yellow City, is a peaceful yet beautiful town. In the past, it was a place for worship.

Day Trip to Tulum

One of the most visited places in all of Mexico is the city of Tulum. It’s known for its large ex-pat community, cenotes, Mayan Ruins, and its famous long beach shoreline.