8 Things To Do in Puerto Escondido

Take Surf Lessons

Given that Puerto Escondido is one of the best places to surf in Mexico, why not try surf lessons?

Relax at the Beach

Puerto Escondido is famous for it's many stunning beaches, Click below for a full list!

Experience The Bioluminescent Lagoon

Take an evening tour and experience this natural spectacle. When water is full of algae bloom of plankton, the sea at night glows in vivid blue color.

Visit a Mezcal Distillery

The state of Oaxaca, Mexico, is famous for its Mezcal Liquor. If you need to be able to familiarize yourself with Mezcal, it’s Tequila’s cousin.

Visit Hierve el Agua

Known as one of the most popular attractions in the state of Oaxaca is Hierve el Agua. This is a famous geological ancient site where you can see a waterfall that has formed into solid rock formations.

Day Trip to Huatulco

Huatulco is a popular but small town close to Puerto Escondido known for its beaches.

Dolphin Watching

Who doesn’t love to watch dolphins in their natural habitat? Lucky for you, many dolphins inhabit the waters here, and you can spot them early in the morning.

Day Trip to Mazunte

Just over an hour’s drive away South is a smaller beach surf town named Mazunte. A perfect day trip to do from Puerto Escondido