9 Best Lake Tahoe Winter Activities 

Lake Tahoe Snowmobile Tour

Fresh air in a secluded area in the extensive forests of Lake Tahoe, the sound of your snowmobile as it glides through a fresh blanket of snow. The sun shines bright as you see the clear road ahead.

Snow Shoe Adventure

Tahoe is home to some of the most snow-covered areas in North America. Meaning it’s one of the best places to use snow shoes!

Brewery Hoping

I’m not a big beer drinker myself; more of a wine person. But I had to include a brewery hopping in my list of winter activities; there are many breweries here.

Spa Day in Tahoe

You spent the last two days doing fun winter activities in Lake Tahoe, you want to do something, but you’re in the mood to relax.

Hike to Vikingsholm Castle

There’s a castle in Lake Tahoe. I was surprised to find this out. I have a bit of fascination when it comes to castles. Located on the shores of Emerald Bay, you’ll find Vikingsholm Castle.

Apres Ski

Apres ski is just a vibe, to simply put it. In other words, it’s an excuse to have a drink after your long day of skiing or any other winter activity!

Helicopter Tour

You can see the dense green woods of Tahoe and the entire beautiful rounded-shaped lake.

Lunch & Shopping

South Tahoe has several shopping villages to visit, each packed with its unique set of stores, art galleries, and restaurants.

Visit the Casino

This is a perfect way to spend an evening for those who enjoy gambling. Or maybe head over with $100 and see what happens!