9 Useful Travel Accessories 

#1 Apple AirTags

There are many Bluetooth trackers on the market, but Apple AirTags works the best.

#2 Laundry Bag

I’m always surprised when I learn that most don’t travel with a travel laundry bag. How do you know which clothes are clean or dirty?

#3 Travel Adapter

An absolute must-have travel accessory is a travel adapter. The last thing you want to happen is flying somewhere abroad and not being able to charge your mobile phone.

#4 Compact Umbrella

A tiny umbrella that is lightweight and compact but will keep you protected from both the rain and sun is a must-buy.

#5 Compression Packing Cubes

If you’re looking to pack your carry-on bag to save space strategically, you’re either rolling up your clothes the old-fashioned way to save space or purchasing compression packing cubes.

#6 Shoe Travel Bag

Waterproof shoe bags for travel are a no-brainer; they keep your shoes separate from anything else in your bag.

#7 Passport Holders

Most passports’ outer material is slippery, so it can easily fall out of your pocket or hand without you noticing. Buy a Passport Holder.

#8 Power Bank

These days, who doesn’t have a power bank when they travel? A power bank is essential for long-distance travel.

#9 Travel Pillow

For those who usually sleep during flights, neck pillows are essential. But don’t go out and buy one at the airport. Get it before you travel!