Tulum or Cancun: Which is Better? 

Tulum vs Cancun - Beaches

Tulum has a beautiful long coastline full of stunning nature Cancun is famous for its turquoise waters and beaches full of resorts

Tulum vs Cancun - Cenotes

Tulum has many beautiful cenotes to discover and swim in. Cancun has one small cenote, the better cenotes are out of Cancun

Tulum vs Cancun - Hotels/Rentals

Tulum is known for its luxury rentals and boutique hotels. Cancun is famous resorts and large hotels along the Hotel Zone

Tulum vs Cancun - Nightlife

Tulum has a fantastic bar and techno music scene. Cancun is known for its COCO Bongo and nightclubs in the hotel zone

Tulum vs Cancun - For Living

Tulum is popular with expats due to its laid-back lifestyle.  Cancun is more of a metropolitan developed city.

Tulum vs Cancun - Which Is Better?

Both Tulum and Cancun cater to a wide variety of guests.  If you'd like to know which city is better for YOU to visit, Click the Link before for in-depth information!