views of the famous Maya Bay Beach surrounded by large limestones from a longtail boat in Thailand

How To Get To Maya Bay, Phi Phi Islands

If you’re currently researching how to get to Maya Bay Beach, I’d assume you’re already familiar with what Maya Bay is and where Maya Bay Beach is.

But if you just stumbled on this article, and need to know, let me briefly tell you about Maya Bay Beach, the most famous beach in Thailand.

Where is Maya Bay Beach?

Maya Bay Beach is in the Andaman Sea and part of the Phi Phi Islands in Krabi Province.

Why is Maya Bay so Famous?

The reason Maya Bay Beach is so famous, besides the fact it’s utterly beautiful, remote, and one of the most excellent beaches in the world, location-wise, is because it was the location of the 2000 film “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

The movie featured the beach, resulting in a heavy influx of tourism to Maya Bay Beach.

Why was Maya Bay Closed?

Maya Bay Beach was closed for just over three years as part of the rehabilitation program for the area.

Through the years, as MayaBay gained widespread popularity from the movie “The Beach,” the ecosystem became severely damaged due to boat traffic and tourism. As a result, coral reefs were destroyed.

The Thai government and tourism board took it upon themselves to strictly prohibit anyone from visiting the area for three years to allow the ecosystem to recover completely.

Thankfully, Maya Bay Beach has been healthy and open since October 2022 after years of recovery.

front of long-tail boat on the way to Maya Bay Beach in Phi Phi

How to Visit Maya Bay

There are three popular places tours to Maya Bay Beach operate from, so you’d have to be in one of these places to go on a tour to see and visit the famous beach.

I’ve included all the detailed information below, including the best Maya Bay Tours from where you may be. Most tours include Pi Leh Lagoon, Viking Bay, and Monkey Beach attractions.

Phi Phi Don – If you’re already at Phi Phi Don, you can take a SpeedBoat or Longtail Boat; I will highlight some important information below about the two options.

Krabi – If you’re in Krabi, you can take a SpeedBoat tour to MayaBay Beach for the day.

Phuket – If you’re in Phuket, you can take a SpeedBoat tour to MayaBay Beach for the day.

If you’d like to go to Phi Phi Don from Phuket or Krabi to spend a few days there, view my Phi Phi Islands Guide.

views of giant limestones and beautiful turquoise waters from a long tail boat on the way to Maya Bay Beach in Thailand

How to Get to Maya Bay from Phi Phi Don

This is the closest place to MayaBay Beach, MayaBay Beach is part of the Phi Phi Islands, and Phi Phi Don is the main island here.

If you’re already in Phi Phi Don, going to MayaBay Beach is easy and is only a 10/15-minute boat ride. – Take a SpeedBoat or Longtail Boat from Phi Phi Don to Maya Bay.

Longtail Boat Tour – (private)

You can take a Longtail Boat Tour, and it’s convenient because you can be alone or with a group of friends. Perfect for those looking to have a private experience. If you get seasick, you should reconsider.

The other way is by Speed Boat Tour. On a Speedboat tour, other people will be on board, and these tours tend to include lunch and water.

TIP: Sometimes winds are harsh, and if you take a LongTail Boat, the driver will only take you to see MayaBay Beach, but they won’t take you to where you can go on the beach. If winds are rough, LongTail boats aren’t able to take you to the National Park entrance.

several Thai style longtail boats docked at the main pier in Phi Phi Don and a stunning backdrop of mountains and sea

How to Get to Maya Bay from Krabi

Another place you can visit Maya Bay Beach is if you’re staying in Krabi. From Krabi, several Speed Boat tours operate throughout the day to MayaBay.

Because Krabi is further than Phi Phi Don, the only option there is Speed Boat.

Speed Boat Tour

The Speed Boat Tour includes roundtrip transportation from and back to your hotel in Krabi. Lunch, water, and snorkeling equipment are included – What is not included is the 400 Thai Baht National Park fee.

You will be in a group with others, and the tour duration should last between 7-8 hours.

If you’re staying in Krabi, make sure you also do the Krabi 4 Islands Tour!

How to Get to Maya Bay from Phuket

Another place you can visit Maya Bay Beach is if you’re staying in Phuket. Several Speed Boat tours from Phuket operate throughout the day to MayaBay.

Because Phuket is further, the only option there is Speed Boat.

Speed Boat Tour

The Speed Boat Tour includes roundtrip transportation from and back to your hotel in Phuket. What’s included on this tour: 400 Thai Baht Maya Bay National Park fee, lunch, water, and snorkeling equipment.

You will be in a group with others, and the tour duration should last between 8 hours.

large limestone in the middle of the Andaman Sea with long tail boat going by at the Phi Phi islands in Thailand
Pi Leh Bay (Pi Leh Lagoon)

Is Maya Bay Open?

Despite being open since October 2022, this question is often asked because of the three years that Maya Bay Beach was closed to fix its damaged ecosystem. Yes, Maya Bay Beach is open.

Just so you know, some days when the wind is mighty, Maya Bay will be closed for the day because of safety concerns regarding boat rides and gaining access to the national park entrance.

Best Time to Visit Maya Bay Beach

The best time to visit Maya Bay Beach, where you’d likely be welcomed by beautiful weather, is between November and June.

That’s because between July and October, it’s monsoon season, aka rainy season. There’s a more significant chance of rain when visiting during this time.

an empty beach with white sand and turquoise waters at the famous Maya Bay Beach in Thailand
Maya Bay in Thailand

Things to Know Before Visiting Maya Bay

Here are a few tips you should quickly know before making your trip to Maya Bay Beach.

At MayaBay Beach, you can only swim up to your knees to preserve the ecosystem.

The best time to take pictures here is in the early morning.

The National Park Fee is 400 Thai Baht; depending on your tour, it may or may not be included in the tour price.

Is Maya Bay Worth Visiting?

Visiting Maya Bay is one of the most popular tours in Thailand for a good reason. It’s quite the experience and one experience I would recommend everyone do. It’s worth it, and it would be best if you visited when in Thailand.

Most places you see featured in movies you watch tend to be glamourized, but I can promise you that Maya Bay is not one of those places. It’s just as beautiful as in the movie “The Beach,” In my opinion, it’s even more beautiful in person.

My Advice for Visiting MayaBay Beach

I’ve visited Maya Bay Beach twice, once directly from Phi Phi Don and another on a speedboat tour from Phuket—equally fun ways.

If it’s your first time in Thailand and you want to experience more, spend a night or two on the Phi Phi Islands. It’s quite an experience, and it will be easier to see Maya Bay Beach while you’re visiting because it’s so close.

But if you’re limited on time in Phuket/Krabi, doing a tour from Phuket or Krabi is more convenient.

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