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The PERFECT One Day Ravello Itinerary

Are you visiting the Amalfi Coast and wondering if Ravello is worth visiting? Here’s everything you need to know for the perfect one-day itinerary for Ravello!

Ravello is a tiny cliffside town along the Amalfi Coast, with some of the best sea views in the region. Perched up along the mountains, Ravello is known for its rich history, charm, and romantic atmosphere, making it a must-visit!

While nearly all towns on the Amalfi Coast can be considered touristy, especially Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi, Ravello isn’t as touristy as the others. Ravello is less crowded, more private, and small but spacious.

In this itinerary, we’ll cover how to get there, the top things to do in Ravello, the best restaurants in town, and an outline of how you should plan your day in Ravello!

several locals and tourist sitting and walking in an open square area at sunset in Ravello, Italy

How to Get to Ravello

The nearest airport to Ravello is Naples International Airport, and if you’re coming to Ravello specifically, you must make your way there from Naples Airport. From the airport to Ravello, it’s a 1.5 hours drivetime.

Here are a few ways you can get here from Naples Airport. If you’re in Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi, Salerno, or anywhere else nearby, you can get to Ravello using one/a few of these ways!

How to Get to Ravello from Naples International Airport

Ferry: The best way to get to Ravello is by ferry from Naples Port. Once you’ve arrived at Naples Airport, you must go to Naples Port to take the Ravello ferry. The ferry takes you to Amalfi, and it takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to get there. Once there, it’s a 20-minute taxi to Ravello.

Private Airport Transfer: The most stress-free way to get to Ravello is by taking a private airport transfer from Naples Airport to Ravello.

Rent a Car: For those looking to adventure the Amalfi coastline, you can rent a car from Naples Airport and drive to Ravello yourself.

How to Get to Ravello from Positano

Bus: You must take the SITA Bus to Amalfi and then transfer onto another bus from Amalfi to Ravello. Make your way to a bus stop and then transfer here to another to Ravello. The cost is 1-4 Euros per bus

Tour: Several day tours are operating from Positano to Ravello daily

houses and villas surrounded by mountains in Ravello, Italy

How to Get to Ravello from Amalfi

Bus: Make your way to this bus stop and take the SITA bus to Ravello; the cost is 1-4 Euros

Taxi: Another way is to take a taxi, it should cost around 20 Euro

How to Get to Ravello from Sorrento

Bus: Make your way to this bus stop and take the SITA bus to Amalfi, then transfer here to another bus to Ravello

How to Get to Ravello from Salerno

Bus: Make your way to this bus stop in Salerno and take the SITA bus to Amalfi, then transfer here to another bus to Ravello

Ferry + Bus/Taxi: Take a ferry from Salerno to Amalfi, then take a bus or taxi to Ravello

Best Things To Do in Ravello

Ravello is a small place but full of things to do, but you can get a feel for the place if you choose to visit it for one day.

Experiencing the sea views from Ravello alone makes Ravello well-worth visiting!

Below I’ve highlighted the best things to do, handy information, and a few restaurant recommendations!

Walk around Piazza Centrale

Piazza Centrale, the main square of Ravello, is a charming and quaint place where you’ll find shops, art galleries, cafes, and more It’s the perfect place to have a seat, have some coffee, and people watch for a bit!

During the evening time as the sun is setting, the area is slightly more lively, full of tourists and locals enjoying the beautiful square.

Villa Rufolo

The famous Villa Rufolo is the most famous attraction in Ravello. Built in the 12th century, the famous villa is one of the largest and most luxurious villas in the world.

Villa Rufolo has been occupied by several wealthy owners over the years, but today it’s a historical landmark with exceptional sea views and a wide variety of old architecture. The architectural styles here feature Norman, Sicilian, and Arabic.

With breathtaking views of mountains and sea and a dreamy, vibrant garden, Villa Rufolo is a must-visit when in Ravello.

Entrance Fee: 7 Euros per person

Hours: 9 AM – 8 PM / Last entrance at 7:32 PM

dreamy walkway full of flowers showing amazing panoramic sea views from Villa Rufolo in Ravello, Italy
Credit: Vincenzo De Simone

Villa Cimbrone Gardens 

Similar to Villa Rufolo, Villa Cimborne is another spectacular villa to visit but is slightly more famous for its garden.

Famous for hosting many weddings because of its breathtaking garden. The 11th-century villa, now a hotel has some of the best sea views in Ravello; pairing those views with the elaborate garden, it’s a must-visit!

Make sure to head to the top of the villa, and there is the Infinity Terrace (Terrazaa Dell’Infinito), where you’ll see several beautiful marble sculptures and amazing panoramic views!

Villa Cimbrone is a 5 Star Hotel as well, and you can book a room and stay here as well!

Price: 10 Euros per person

Hours: Open daily from 9 AM to Sunset

Lunch with a View

One of the best ways to appreciate the mix of beautiful mountainous/sea views in Ravello is by enjoying lunch as you gaze out and admire the amazing scenery.

Here are a few restaurants in Ravello with a view to consider for dinner!

Salvatore Ravello: Restaurant and bakery known for the best bread in town and a wide variety of desserts

Ristorante Bella Vista sul mare: Serving up a wide variety of kinds of pasta, paccheri, delicious prawns, and a wide variety of wines with high-up views

Osteria Ravello: Italian restaurant with beautiful hill views, most known for its lobster pasta and prosciutto

beautiful views of the several homes amongst the hills of Ravello, next to the Sea

Visit the Old Churches in Ravello

With its rich history, it would make sense that Ravello is home to many beautiful old catholic churches featuring stunning architecture, elaborate marble sculptures, and vibrantly colored decorated glass windows.

Here are a few of the most popular churches in Ravello that you should consider visiting!

  • Church of Saint John
  • Church of Saint Mary 
  • Chiesa S.Francesco

Hike Down to Amalfi

Another great way to truly appreciate the views in Ravello is by hiking downwards from Ravello to Amalfi instead of taking the bus!

As you make your way down the 2-mile downhill hike, you’ll experience views and traits of Ravello one can only see if they choose to do this hike.

The whole hike takes roughly 2 hours and is very much worth the views and nature you’ll see. Make sure you are wearing running shoes if you decide to do the hike!

On a hot day, you’ll break a sweat, but at the end of the hike, we went to the beach, and overall, it made for a rewarding afternoon workout.

walkway steps by a terrace viewpoint showcasing the hills full of homes and mountains in Ravello

Best Restaurants in Ravello

There are several exceptional restaurants to visit and try in Ravello; here are some of my favorite restaurants in Ravello!

Osteria Ravello: Italian restaurant with beautiful hill views, most known for its lobster pasta and prosciutto

Al Ristoro del Moro: Famous for its exceptional views, Al Ristoro is most known for its risotto and grilled prawns

Salvatore Ravello: Restaurant and bakery known for the best bread in town and a wide variety of desserts

Osteria Ravello: Italian restaurant with beautiful hill views, most known for its lobster pasta and prosciutto

Pizzeria Take Away Gradillo: Small takeaway restaurant known for its pizza, salads, and other prepared dishes

Babel Wine Bistro: Charming wine bar serving a variety of wine, pasta, and small Italian classics

several pasta dishes being severed in Positano, Italy

Ravello One Day Itinerary: Morning

Start your morning with some breakfast; what else? If you’re visiting from Positano or other nearby towns, you may want to eat breakfast there, as Ravello has limited options!

But if you choose to have breakfast in Ravello, here are two restaurants to consider! By the way, I recommend you visit this place and sample some cheeses!

Duomo Caffe: Well-known cafe serving coffee, many pastries, pizza, and more

Sisina’s Snack Bar: Cappuccinos, espressos, several pastries, ham/cheese sandwiches, and more

After breakfast, this is a great time to walk around and take some pictures before it gets even busier!

So have a walk around, explore the unique corners of the town, visit some of the old churches, and stop in a shop or two!

beautiful walkway with stone arches from above and greenery in Ravello, Italy

Ravello One Day Itinerary: Afternoon

As the afternoon rolls around, you must continue your day and visit Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone Gardens.

If you’d like, you can visit one and get on with your day, but honestly, both are equally iconic to Ravello, and you should visit both!

Once you’ve explored the iconic villas of Ravello, you’ll most likely be hungry, and it’s time to have some lunch!

If you’re looking to have lunch with a view, I’ve mentioned three restaurants above with beautiful sea views you choose from!

Two places I’ve also had and strongly recommend for lunch in Ravello are:

Babel Wine Bistro: This local wine bar is divine; while it may not have sea views, its food quality is top-tier. I highly recommend the bruschetta, burrata, ravioli, and a few glasses of wine, of course

Pizzeria Take Away Gradillo: This is the spot for you for those looking to grab some food quickly and be on their way. Most well known for their pizzas, there’s a wide variety of ready-to-go dishes here

After lunch, I recommend you hike to Amalfi and visit the beach.

Otherwise, explore Ravello further as you work up an appetite for dinner!

steep downward walkway with mountain and sea views in Ravello, Italy

Ravello One Day Itinerary: Evening

Some places start dinner at 7:00 PM, but most begin serving dinner at 8:00 PM.

For dinner, here are a few excellent restaurants serving delicious food in Ravello you must consider!

Osteria Ravello: Italian restaurant with beautiful hill views, most known for its lobster pasta and prosciutto

Ristorante Vittoria: Fine-dining restaurant serving exceptional seafood pasta, freshly caught calamari, amongst many other traditional Italian dishes

Belvedere Restaurant: Romantic restaurant with beautiful sea views serving many local dishes, with an extensive winelist

Once you’ve enjoyed a delicious dinner, head to the main town square, Piazza Centrale, walk around, experience the town like a true local, have a coffee at a cafe, and perhaps get some gelato for dessert.

parking area at a large villa in Ravello located on a stunning street

Is Ravello Worth Visiting? — Final Thoughts

So, is Ravello worth a day trip, or is Ravello worth visiting for an entire trip?

Ravello is worth visiting; the small town’s charming characteristics, historical past, romantic atmosphere, and panoramic views of the sea will leave you speechless!

Visit Ravello regardless, but if you’re visiting with your partner and looking for a romantic evening, dinner with a view in Ravello is a must.

My favorite part of Ravello was strolling the streets, and the landscape of the small town took me by surprise.

And it was neat to know, when walking around and enjoying the views in Ravello, that long ago for many years, others have enjoyed these same panoramic sea views from Ravello!

marble sculptures sitting along railings on the terrace with exceptional sea views from Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, Italy
Credit: Victor Martin

Which is better to visit Amalfi or Ravello?

Amalfi is way more touristy but has several beaches and is right against the sea. Ravello is less touristy than Amalfi, more quiet and romantic.

Is Ravello better than Positano?

Positano is lively, very touristy, with a bit of nightlife and many things to do. Ravello is located in the mountains, it’s much less touristy than Positano, and the nightlife in Ravello consists mainly of concerts and dinners.

How much time is needed in Ravello?

You can see Ravello in one day because the town is relatively small. But it would be best to spend one night to get a complete feel for the small charming Italian village.

Which is better to visit Ravello or Sorrento?

Ravello is a quiet, charming, tranquil town in the mountains with some of the best sea views. Sorrento is more lively and vibrant, with many shops, nightclubs, and beaches.

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