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Merida to Progreso: 3 Best Ways to Travel

Are you trying to figure out how to get from Merida to Progreso? You’ve come to the right place!

In this transportation guide, I’ll cover all three ways for how to get to Progreso from Merida.

While, Merida is a fantastic vibrant city, on a hot day, we all crave a long relaxing day by the beach and Progreso is perfect for just that!

Progreso is a popular beach town amongst locals in Merida and it’s also a popular cruise ship stop, where many tourists visit the popular Yucatan beach town. Progreso is also known for its natural surroundings, seafood restaurants, and extended long highway port going deep into the Gulf of Mexico.

If you’re visiting Merida, and looking for a beach getaway, Progreso is a must-visit!

From the Merida, to Progreso, it’s about a 40-50 minutes drive and a distance of 40km. The road between Merida and Progreso is one straight highway road Carr. Merida-Progreso.

white sandy beach with many palapas and palm trees at Progreso beach in Mexico

Bus from Merida to Progreso

The best and most common way to get to Progreso from Merida is by bus. AutoProgreso is the company that operates the bus route between Progreso and Merida.

The AutoProgreso terminal is in Centro Merida, just minutes away from the main square. From the outside, it’s a white building; you’ll see the sign “AutoProgreso” in small grey letters and “Taquilla” in red lettering.

Walk through the door where it says “Taquilla”. You’ll notice several locals gathering there as they buy bus tickets to Progreso. Walk up to the main booth and purchase your ticket.

Tickets costs 23 Mexican pesos one way and 46 Mexican pesos round-trip. The price is the same whether you purchase a one-way or roundtrip, there’s no discount for purchasing both ways. Only cash is accepted for tickets.

AutoProgreso runs an open-ticket policy, meaning your one-way or round-trip ticket is good to use anytime within the same day of your ticket purchase.

From what I recall, there isn’t any room for luggage storage under the bus, so it may be best to take a taxi if you’re traveling with luggage.

TIP: Always have some cash on you in Mexico. Mexico is very much a cash society.

AutoProgreso Bus Schedule

The AutoProgreso buses operate all day between Merida and Progreso, with 15-20 minute intervals between each departure. So no planning is needed because of how frequent the buses operate.

Go to the AutoProgreso station, buy your ticket, and you shouldn’t have to wait longer than 10-20 minutes for the next bus.

The only day the AutoProgreso bus schedule differs is Sunday. The bus operates every hour on Sundays. If you choose to take the bus on a Sunday, plan your trip accordingly.

Daily ScheduleMeridaProgreso
First Bus Departure:6:00 AM6:00 AM
Last Bus Departure:9:00 PM9:30 PM

Does ADO Operate between Merida to Progreso?

If you’ve traveled around Mexico before, you’re likely familiar with ADO Buses, the largest bus company in Mexico.

Unfortunately, ADO does not operate a route between Merida to Progreso. But no need to worry, it’s just as easy to take the AutoProgreso bus.

But if you’re visiting Merida, you can take ADO Buses to other places from Merida, just not Progreso.

famous art statue on the boardwalk in Progreso, Yucatan

Drive from Merida to Progreso

Another great way to go to Progreso from Merida is by renting a car and driving there yourself!

The drive time to Progreso from Merida is only around 40 minutes. The best part is you can get there faster by car. From Merida to Progreso it’s one straight highway road, so the way is very straightforward!

Progreso has a few different places you can explore easily if you’ve rented a car. Zona Xcambo is an archaeological site, or you can drive along the famous Progreso Port highway.

If you haven’t driven in Mexico before, there’s nothing to worry about. Just make sure you don’t speed.

You should get insurance with the vehicle you rent. You’re in a foreign country and don’t know what may happen. If something does happen, and you aren’t familiar with how things operate there, it’s better to be covered!

TIP: Take a video of the vehicle showing the condition you were given when renting a car. This is a great trick in order to avoid any car rental companies accusing you of a scratch or damage when returning the car. I do this anywhere in the world when I rent a car or scooter.

two long roads going deep into the waters of the Gulf Of Mexico used to access Progreso Cruise Port / Merida to Progreso

Taxi from Merida to Progreso

Besides driving yourself, technically, the fastest and most efficient way to get to Progreso from Merida is by hailing a cab on the street.

The taxis in Merida are white, sometimes white with a bit of yellow. Hail one down and let them know you’d like to go to Progreso and ask them for how much.

Taxi TIP: Try to avoid hailing taxis from popular tourist attractions. Taxis tend to offer a higher price if you’re leaving a tourist attraction in the city to go anywhere else.

How much is a taxi from Merida to Progreso?

A taxi from Merida to Progreso costs $285 – $350 Mexican pesos, which is around $17-$21 US per way.

Some taxi drivers will tell you with an inflated price. I like to call this “tourist tax“, that’s when your negotiating skills can become very handy. If given an increased price, negotiate your way down to 350 Mexican Pesos or less.

It’s important to reconfirm the price for your trip before getting into the taxi. That way, there aren’t any complications once you arrive in Progreso regarding the trip price.

How long should I spend in Progreso?

You could visit Progreso from Merida and come back that same day, and many do so, especially because of how often the buses operate between Merida and Progreso.

But I recommend you spend at least a night in Progreso. There are many things to do in Progreso. There are many great local restaurants to try and the beach town becomes more lively at night.

Is Progreso Mexico safe?

Progreso is a safest beach towns in Mexico to visit, similar to other beach towns in the Riviera Maya.

That being said, make sure to keep an eye out for your belongings. At night, it’s better to take a taxi if you’re walking long distances unless you’re walking around the main Centro area of town.

photos of translucent green water at Reserva ecologica in Progreso, Mexico

How much is a taxi from Merida to Progreso?

The cost should is around $285 – $350 Mexican pesos, which is around $17-$21 US.

Keep in mind, you may have to negotiate your trip cost with some taxi drivers.

Is Progreso worth a visit?

Yes, Progreso is definitely worth visiting. It’s white sandy beach is beautiful, the town is full of great nature and the local seafood is excellent!

Do you need a car in Progreso Mexico?

No you don’t, the small beach town is walkable. There are some portions of the town you may need to take a taxi to, but for the most part, you don’t need a car.

How much is the bus from Progreso to Merida?

The cost is 23 Mexican Pesos for each way, which is around $1.35 US.

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