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Best & Worst Time to Visit Phuket, Thailand

Are you planning a trip to Phuket and trying to find out the best time to visit? You’ve come to the right place! This weather guide breaks down the month-to-month weather trends for Phuket, Thailand!

The best time to visit Phuket is from mid-November through April when the weather is sunny and dry, making ideal beach weather, and humidity levels are significantly lower during the dry season compared to the rainy season!

In November, Phuket’s weather begins to transition into the beginning stages of the dry season, and the beginning of May is when the dry season ends.

The worst time to visit Phuket is May through October, when the island and the rest of southern Thailand experience monsoon season. During this time, frequent rains, storms, and sometimes mild street floods happen in Phuket.

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Best Time to Visit Phuket by Month

November — Sunny & Little Rain

November is a transitional weather month in Phuket. In November, the cooler weather becomes less likely, and sunny days slowly become more consistent, especially in the second half of the month. You may experience some rainfall, but it’s minimal.

The average high temperature during this month is around 32°C (90°F), while the average low temperature drops to about 25°C (77°F).

If you’re considering visiting Phuket in November, visiting during the second half of the month is best to increase the probability of ideal weather!

December — Dry & Cool

In December, Phuket experiences ideal weather conditions for a tropical getaway, which is also a perfect time for those looking for a Christmas holiday destination.

During December, Phuket’s weather has completely transitioned into the dry season. The weather is dry with relatively low humidity, making perfect beach weather.

The average high temperature during December is around 32°C (90°F), while the average low temperature hovers around 23°C (73°F).

Rainfall/thunderstorm days are not a concern in December; the likelihood is very low during the dry season.

January — Dry & Sunny

January is an excellent time to visit Phuket; the island experiences beautiful weather as the dry season continues. Still, humidity levels remain relatively low, making for a comfortable climate for the beach and exploring Phuket.

The average high temperature reaches around 33°C (91°F), while the average low temperature drops to about 24°C (75°F).

The sea is calm and inviting in January, making it ideal for water sports and swimming. Naturally, beaches become busier in January compared to December and November.

January is considered one of the best months to visit Phuket, as it offers plenty of sunshine and clear skies. Both January and February are when Phuket has it’s driest period; these two months share the lowest chance of probability for rainfall.

the main beach area at Freedom Beach with several tourists and large rocks separating the main part of Freedom Beach and the hidden beach area

February — Still Dry & Sunny

As the dry season continues, February is another excellent month to visit Phuket and experience its pleasant weather with warm, dry temperatures and relatively low humidity levels.

The average high temperature reaches around 34°C (93°F), while the average low temperatures hovering around 25°C (77°F).

February offers very calm seas in Phuket, making it perfect to enjoy the many beaches in Phuket!

February is considered one of the best two months to visit Phuket; it’s the driest month of the year in Phuket, meaning the probability of rain is very low. Beach lovers, this is your month to visit Phuket!

March — Hot & Slightly Humid

In March, Phuket experiences warm and pleasant weather with increasing temperatures as the dry season continues. Humidity levels start to rise in March compared to the previous months but are still relatively comfortable.

The average high temperature rises to around 33°C (91°F), while the average low temperature remains around 24°C (75°F).

March is a great time to visit Phuket, as the days are filled with sunshine and minimal rainfall, an ideal atmosphere for the beach and exploring Phuket’s many things to do!

April — Hot & Humid

In April, Phuket experiences hot and humid weather as it transitions into the hottest/humid month of the dry season. Humidity levels significantly increase, making beach days a necessity.

The average high temperature climbs up to around 34°C (93°F), while the average low temperature remains around 25°C (77°F).

April marks the end of the dry season in Phuket, but rainfall remains low, so frequent beach days and the chance to explore Phuket are still suitable. However, occasional showers and thunderstorms can occur, more likely near the end of the month.

One of the best ways to cool off in April’s hot weather in Phuket is by visiting Phuket during Songkran festival, the Thai New Year celebration where locals/tourists drench one another in water!

For those who don’t enjoy higher heat levels, you may want to consider visiting Phuket another month. April is the standout month of the year for higher temperatures, with humidity levels uncomfortable for some.

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Worst Time to Visit Phuket by Month

May — Cloud/Rainy & Humid

In May, Phuket enters the beginning stages of the rainy season, experiencing warm and typical tropical weather. The average high temperature in May is around 32°C (90°F), with humidity. During the evenings, low temperatures average around 26°C (79°F).

May is a transitional weather month in Phuket, as the dry season has come to a complete end, and the rainy season is set to start. During the rainy season in Phuket, you can expect occasional showers and thunderstorms, which are unsuitable for the beach.

Most showers during the rainy season are usually short-lived, providing a refreshing break from the heat. But there are days when the rain won’t stop for a whole afternoon.

Despite the increase in rain, May can still offer enjoyable sunny days for beach activities and outdoor exploration in Phuket!

June — Hot & Some Rainfall

As Phuket enters its first complete first month of the rainy season, the island experiences warm and wet weather.

Humidity levels rise significantly compared to May, adding to the tropical feel of the climate.

The average high temperature during this month is around 31°C (88°F), while the average low temperature hovers around 25°C (77°F).

June is known for its frequent rain showers and thunderstorms, which can interrupt your daily plans to adventure around the island. If you visit during June, don’t worry; you should experience a few sunny days, but be prepared for humid temperatures!

July — Moderate Rainfall

July is when the rain becomes more consistent in Phuket as the rainy season enters its second stages.

The average high temperature during this month is around 31°C (88°F), while the average low temperature remains at about 25°C (77°F).

The humidity levels rise slightly, adding a bit of discomfort during the day. Visiting Phuket in July is not recommended due to the frequent rainfall and thunderstorms. You may experience a sunny day or two, but the odds aren’t on your side!

cloudy weather over many buildings in Phuket, Thailand during off season

August — Rain Increases

August doesn’t get any better compared to July in Phuket. The island experiences warm and rainy weather as it progresses through the rainy season.

The average high temperature during this month is around 30°C (86°F), while the average low temperature remains steady at about 25°C (77°F).

In August, humidity levels remain high in Phuket, and rain increases, with some days experiencing continuous rainfall. Thunderstorms are common throughout the day, and minor floods in some island streets also occur!

September — Rainiest Month

In September, Phuket experiences the most rain of the year alongside cooler temperatures than in previous months.

The average high temperature on the island during this month is around 30°C (86°F), while the average low temperature drops slightly to about 23°C (73°F). The only positive part in September is that humidity levels decrease, offering a more comfortable climate for visitors.

If there’s one month you shouldn’t visit Phuket, it’s September because it’s the rainiest month of the year in Phuket. It’s not advised to visit Phuket in September. The odds you’ll experience beach days are quite slim!

October — Ending of Rainy Season

October is when the weather in Phuket slowly starts to change as it’s nearing the rainy season but both rainfall and thunderstorms are still fairly consistent during the month.

The average high temperature during October is around 30°C (86°F), while the average low temperature drops further to about 23°C (73°F). Along with the weather change, humidity levels continue to decrease in October in Phuket.

Visiting Phuket in October isn’t the best idea because you aren’t guaranteed to experience a constant flow of sunny/warm days just yet, it’s better to wait till November!

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High Season in Phuket

The period from November through March is Phuket’s high-season travel time. The island sees the most visitors during this period due to its favorable weather.

Warm/sunny days, low humidity levels, and rainfall are minimal during these four months, and it’s also the peak dry season from December through March.

Around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Phuket sees an increase in tourists looking to celebrate the holidays by the beach.

If you want to visit Phuket during the dry season but prefer less-crowded beaches, then you should visit Phuket in November. Also, flights/hotels are cheaper during this time, before they rise in December due to the holidays and the start of the high season.

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Shoulder Season in Phuket

Suppose you’d like to visit Phuket when the weather is fairly favorable, when there are fewer tourists, and prices for flights/hotels are slightly lower than in the high season. Choosing to visit Phuket during shoulder season is perfect for you then!

Phuket’s shoulder season months are November and May. Both these months are transitional weather months on the island.

In November, the weather is slowly entering the beginning stages of the dry season, and the island is yet to receive its influx of visitors. While you may experience some rain, you will also experience many sunny days! To increase your chances of sunshine, visit during the second half of the month.

In May, Phuket’s weather is transitioning out of the dry season and into the rainy season, most tourists don’t tend to visit Phuket after April the last sure month of dry season. Because of this, prices for hotels/flights steadily drop in May, enticing tourists to visit. Weather-wise, it can be a hit or miss, but overall, you will experience a rainy day here and there.

a tall palm tree standing high amongst many plants in Karon Village, Phuket

Off Season in Phuket

Choosing to visit Phuket during the off season can either be a bad idea or a terrible one because it depends on which month you choose to visit Phuket during the off-season.

Weather trends are quite different month to month during the off-season in Phuket. For example, visiting in June versus visiting in September is a big difference; despite both months being part of the off-season, June still offers some sunny days, while September is the rainiest month!

Tourism on the island is at its yearly low during the off-season months, beaches are empty, shops aren’t nearly as busy, and businesses take a hit during this time. Hotels offer many various deals to entice tourists to visit during the off season.

The aggressive sea is a major blow to visiting during some off-season months; most come to Phuket to enjoy its beaches and water activities. During the off season it’s common to see red flags on the beaches advising visitors not to enter the water.

August and September are two standout months in Phuket when the island experiences its most rainfall and thunderstorms. During these two months, you should avoid visiting Phuket. Some areas on the island experience mild flooding in some streets, with water ankle-deep.

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Where to Stay in Phuket

Kata or Karon Beach: These two popular neighbouring beach areas in Phuket are next to one another, sharing very similar atmospheres. Both have stunning beach shorelines and a relaxing beach area full of restaurants, shops, and bars.

Katathani Phuket Resort — Beautiful 5 Star beachfront resort, full of many activities and amenities

Blu Pine Villas — Modern boutique-style hotel offering villa rooms close to many excellent restaurants

Le Meridien Phuket — A stunning modern 5 Star beachfront resort with many amenities and a private beach area

JonoX Karon — Ultra modern hotel minutes away from the beach, beautiful rooftop pool, and very well-priced

several tourist and Thai longtail boats on the shores of Freedom Beach in Phuket / 7 day itinerary for Phuket

Patong Beach: Wildly known as Phuket’s most popular area due to its nightlife and wide variety of shopping. Patong Beach offers a lively area for those looking for less of a relaxing stay and more of a relaxing/lively visit.

Rosewood Phuket — A luxurious boutique hotel located in the hills of Patong in a private area, offering villas equipped with all you need and stunning panoramic ocean views

Amari Phuket – The Amari Phuket offers exceptional views of Patong Beach and the area; the hotel is well-rated and conveniently close to the main Patong area

Kamala Beach: Similar to Kata/Karon, Kamala Beach also offers visitors a relaxing island stay. Kamala Beach is beautiful but not as nice as Kata/Karon’s beaches. However, Kamala Beach offers more things to do in the day/night compared to Kata/Karon.

Kamala is perfect if you’re looking for somewhere relaxing yet slightly more lively than Karon/Kata but not Patong!

InterContinental Phuket Resort — offers guests a tranquil, relaxing, luxurious stay, InterContinental is a beachfront stay along Kamala Beach, offering several world-class amenities.

Novotel Kamala Beach — Located on the end of Kamala Beach, offers direct beach access with spacious rooms and excellent amenities.

palm trees standing on a crowded Patong beach full of tourists in Phuket, Thailand

In which month is Phuket best?

January and February are the driest months in Phuket, offering visitors perfect weather to enjoy the beach. Both months mark the peak of the dry season in Phuket.

Which month to avoid in Phuket?

Avoid visiting Phuket in September; on average, September is the rainiest month of the year. September marks the peak of the rainy season in Phuket.

Is Phuket affected by monsoon season?

Yes, monsoon season in Phuket takes place from May through October.

What is the off season for Phuket?

The offseason in Phuket is from June through October; during this time, Phuket experiences less favorable weather for days of sunshine on the beach and suitable weather for excursions!

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