8 Cheapest Caribbean Islands to Vacation in 

#1 Puerto Plata 

Coming in first place as the cheapest islands to visit is Puerto Plata, a beach side city in the Dominican Republic

#2 Punta Cana 

Coming in second place as the cheapest island to visit is Punta Cana, another beachside city in the Dominican Republic.

#3 Cozumel  

Coming in third place as the cheapest island to visit is Isla Cozumel, a stunning island in the Quintana Roo region of Mexico

#4 Barbados

Coming in fourth place as the cheapest island to visit is Barbados, a stunning island full of white sandy beaches and great culture

#5 Montego Bay, Jamaica  

Montego Bay is a stunning beachside city in Jamaica full of all-inclusive resorts ready to cater to tourists well

#6 Grenada

Grenada isn't that well known because of the popular islands next to it, but over the year it's become more popular!

#7 St Lucia 

St Lucia is a stunning, possibly the most beautiful island in the Caribbean. It has many luxury accommodations, but you can find some all-inclusive deals

#8 Nassau, Bahamas

You've more than likely heard about the Bahamas. Being so close to the US, this island is a frequent Caribbean island for tourists all year round.