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How to Get from Pattaya Airport to Pattaya City

Are you visiting Pattaya City and wondering how to get from Pattaya Airport to Pattaya City?

You’ve come to the right spot; these are all three ways to get from Pattaya Airport to Pattaya City!

I’ll include the cheapest way, fastest way, and any tips you should know to make your short trip to Pattaya City from Pattaya U-Tapao International Airport easier.

Between Pattaya Airport and Pattaya City, it’s a 40-minute drive with a distance of 46 KM.

Those who don’t know yet; understand that Pattaya’s Airport has limited connectivity with other destinations. Check here to see if there are direct flights from an airport near you.

Otherwise, depending on where you’re flying from, you may have to fly into Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport first, then make your way to Pattaya City by bus/taxi!

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Mini Bus Taxi

The cheapest way to get from Pattaya Airport to Pattaya City is by a shared Mini Bus taxi ride with other passengers.

These white minibusses usually fit about 12 – 15 passengers in total, and you’re only granted one 20KG bag on the minibus because space is limited. If you’re visiting with a few bags, you shouldn’t take the minibus taxi to Pattaya City.

From the airport to Pattaya City, it will take around 2 hours due to hotel drop-offs along the way, despite Pattaya City only being 40 minutes away. The cost to take the minibus taxi is about $6 -10 US per passenger.

A few minibus taxis leave Pattaya Airport daily, taking you to Pattaya City; the quantity varies daily. So, depending on the time you land, you may be able to catch one, or you will have to use one of the other two ways to get to Pattaya City.

Also, if you’re visiting Pattaya City with your family or group, taking a minibus taxi wouldn’t make sense!

Book Mini Bus Taxi

Private Airport Transfer

several vehicle options offering transfer from Pattaya Airport to Pattaya City
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The most convenient way to leave Pattaya Airport to Pattaya City is by booking a private airport transfer in advance. Not only is it convenient, but it’s also the fastest way to get to the city.

Using this method, you’ll have a private driver waiting for you at the airport with your chosen vehicle size.

When you arrive, please look for your driver, who will hold a sign with your name. Then, you’ll need to verify the booking with your booking confirmation email and be on your way to Pattaya City!

With nine different vehicle sizes available for rent, they can accommodate any party size and take you to your hotel.

Your Private Airport Transfer price from Pattaya Airport to Pattaya City depends on your vehicle of choice. Most vehicle options range from $23 – $30 US, and you’ll have plenty of room for your luggage!

Reserving a private transfer is the fastest, most convenient way to get to Pattaya City. Best of all, you will be assured that your driver will wait for you even if your plane is late. Flight details must be provided to your driver when booking your airport transfer.

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Another way to get to Pattaya City from Pattaya Airport is by taking one of the many taxis waiting at the airport, ready to take tourists into Pattaya City from the airport.

A taxi from Pattaya Airport to Pattaya City will cost you 1000 Baht/$28 US, and it’s been stated by many and the airport that this is a “fixed taxi fee,” so no “haggling” happens.

However, this is only partially accurate because I personally have friends who’ve had taxi drivers attempting to charge them slightly more when asking for a taxi at Pattaya Airport into the city.

But if you approach most taxi drivers at Pattaya Airport with the 1000 Baht price and stick to it, you should be okay with getting it relatively quickly if they suggest otherwise.

TIP: There’s a toll highway that taxi drivers can take to Pattaya City to avoid traffic, and it’s faster.

Make sure you communicate with the driver whether they’re taking it or not, and check that it’s included in the price of your trip, though it is only an extra $3 US for the Toll Route Highway.

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Pattaya Airport to Pattaya City — Final Thoughts

There you have it; those are all the ways to get from Pattaya Airport to Pattaya City.

Make sure you make reservations for the method of transportation you’d like to take into the city. In the evening, taxis at the airport can get swooped up fast!

Once you’re in Pattaya City, getting around Pattaya is very easy. Pattaya City is walkable; there’s also the Baht Buses, which operates around the city 24/day, taxis, GRAB app, or you could always rent a scooter in Pattaya City.

For those planning to visit Phuket after, here’s a guide on getting to Patong Beach from Phuket Airport.

Also, if you need help deciding between visiting Pattaya or Phuket as a destination, use my Pattaya City or Phuket comparison guide!

well-lit lights of bars, strip clubs, nightclubs and several tourists along the famous Walking Street in Pattaya City

How much is a taxi from UTP airport to Pattaya?

The standard taxi fee is 1000 Baht, which is $28 US from Pattaya Airport to Pattaya City.

How do I get to Pattaya from the airport?

You can either take the white MiniBus vans, which are shared taxis or book a private airport transfer in advance or take a taxi!

Which airport is best for Pattaya?

Technically, it is U-Tapao Airport, Pattaya’s International Airport, which is around 46 KM away from Pattaya City.

But with limited connectivity to Pattaya’s Airport, most tourists coming to Pattaya fly into Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport and then take a bus/taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya City, which takes just under 2 hours.

How much is a taxi from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya?

A taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya City will cost around 1,400 – 1800 Baht ($40 – $50 US). The drive takes approximately 2 hours or less, depending on traffic.

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