beautiful shades of turquoise waters in the Caribbean Sea, high cliffs, and palm trees in the Riviera Maya in November at Tulum Beach in Mexico

7 Reasons to Visit Riviera Maya in November

Are you planning on visiting the Riviera Maya in November? Is it an excellent time to visit?

November is an excellent time to visit the Riviera Maya. Here are seven reasons why visiting the Riviera Maya in November is an ideal time!

The month of November in the Riviera Maya is considered a shoulder season month.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, shoulder season is a period between a destination’s high season and off-season, meaning ideal weather with excellent hotel and flight deals for a destination.

With ideal weather, deals on hotel/flights, and several different beautiful beach towns in the Riviera Maya, that alone is the main reason you should consider visiting the Riviera Maya in November!

Playa Del Carmen famous waterfront area features the well-known mermaid statue

Dry Season Begins

If you’ve visited the Riviera Maya before, you’re familiar with the region’s seasonal weather periods. In the Summer, it’s scorching in heat with higher humidity levels, and temperatures tend to be above 32 Celsius.

The Summer months in the Riviera Maya are from May to September. During this time, the humidity is the highest of the year and sometimes can be unbearable for some tourists.

In November, the humidity drops in the Riviera Maya, and colder air pushes south for some much-needed heat relief. And this is when temperatures are ideal, hot enough for the beach, with low humidity levels.

November marks the start of the dry season in the Riviera Maya. This means a much less likely chance of rainy days when visiting. September into mid-October is the peak rainy season.

Is it warm enough to swim in Mexico in November?

The water temperature in Riviera Maya in November averages 83℉ / 28℃, perfect for swimming!

For November, you can expect temperatures in the Riviera Maya to be at a high of 30 Celsius and a low of 24 Celsius at night.

views at sunset of the entire Tulum Beach shoreline from a hill at Parque Nacional Tulum
Tulum Beach

Low Season Crowds

As mentioned earlier, November is a shoulder season month in the Riviera Maya, a transitional travel season time for the region.

Traveling anywhere in the world during a destination’s shoulder season is an excellent travel hack.

This means it’s less busy than the summertime due to summer vacation travel, and it’s far less hectic compared to the weeks ahead when travelers come to the Riviera Maya for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Fewer crowds means beaches aren’t as busy, cenotes aren’t as crowded, and other popular tourist attractions you’d like to visit won’t be as crowded with tourists.

There’s only one weekend where you may experience busier crowds, during November 20th, a public holiday in Mexico. Many locals travel within the country during their time off. But despite that, it will be less busy than when you visit later into the high season.

Less Sargassum

Sargassum or algae/seaweed is a summer problem in the Riviera Maya, especially in recent years.

The sargassum can vary from year to year; some years are worse than others, but regardless, it’s a bit of a problem every year during the summer, especially for those who enjoy going to the beach.

A beach shoreline of seaweed can ruin your beach day. You want to swim in the ocean, but your legs are getting tangled up in seaweed; not fun.

Is there seaweed in Mexico in November?

The seaweed decreases drastically in November or becomes almost non-existent along the Riviera Maya shorelines. This can vary from year to year, and some years are better than others.

Even from week to week, the seaweed can vary along the shorelines. However, visiting the Riviera Maya in November is an excellent time for those looking to avoid seaweed along the beach.

If you choose to visit earlier in October, September, or during the summer months, you can sometimes expect quite a bit of seaweed along the beaches in the Riviera Maya. Again, some years are better than others.

stunning shades of turquoise waters at the main beach in Playa Del Carmen

Almost Hurricane Season free

The North Atlantic hurricane season officially runs from May to November, with the most active months being August through October.

However, the chances of encountering a hurricane during the season’s last month are considerably lower.

The weather tends to calm down as winter approaches, making hurricanes rare during November.

While there is still a possibility of unexpected weather events, this also means that flights are generally lower than during peak travel seasons.

Look for deals; you will likely find a great price for flights to the beautiful Riviera Maya in November.

Book using SkyScanner to find the cheapest flights, and here’s an extra tip, try to avoid flying on weekends; flights cost more on weekends!

calm waters with a sunset beginning in the distance at Playa Del Carmen main beach

Hotel/Flight Deals

November is an excellent time to pay less for your holiday in the Riviera Maya.

Elaborating on the several points I stated earlier regarding shoulder season, air travel and accommodations are discounted in the Riviera Maya in November.

This is because most tourists have either visited in the Summer or are waiting to visit during the holiday season for Christmas or New Year’s Eve, December through January 7th.

You can take advantage of these low-season rates during an ideal time to visit. Deals for both air travel and accommodations are even more enticing during the first two weeks of November.

So if you’re looking for the best deal, try to come during the first two weeks of November.

In the later days of November, when Thanksgiving comes around, prices increase slightly. But regardless of the slight increases, prices are still at a discount during the second half of November compared to December.

Thanksgiving Vacation

For decades, the Riviera Maya has been a popular destination for Canadian/American tourists to come holiday in.

A holiday vacation with the family by that beach is a great idea, especially for an excellent price.

Celebrating Thanksgiving is a precious time to spend with family, and with attractive prices to a sunny destination, why not celebrate in the Riviera Maya instead?

November is a perfect time to travel to the Riviera Maya with the family and enjoy some festivities, just before the holiday season approaches here and the high season is in full swing.

While celebrating Christmas here is also a popular idea, you will save a lot on flights and hotels visiting for Thanksgiving instead.

Experience Día de Muertos

Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a vibrant and colorful Mexican holiday on November 2nd. It is a time to celebrate and honor the lives of loved ones who have passed away.

The festivities include music, food, and folklore, a unique and unforgettable experience.

Many tourists come to Mexico specifically to partake in the festivities during the Day of the Dead. The colorful skulls being sold, flowers displayed everywhere, the face painting, it’s all fun to see and experience.

So, why not visit the Riviera Maya and experience a night full of festivities and see how the Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico?

two beautifully decorated colourful skulls on a table to celebrate the Day of the Dead holiday in Mexico
Day of the Dead Celebrations – Credit: Nick Fewings

Riviera Maya Seasons Breakdown

We’ve established visiting the Riviera Maya in November is a great idea. Now let us look into the overall seasons in the Riviera Maya.

For those undecided or looking to visit during different times of the year, here is a seasonal weather breakdown for the Riviera Maya!

While there are two shoulder season months you can take advantage of, one is better than the other. Visiting during November is much better than visiting in May, the second shoulder season month in the Riviera Maya.

That’s because May is the beginning of the rainy season, and you are likelier to experience rainy days during your holiday in May versus November—another reason you should visit the Riviera Maya in November.

Dry Season: November to April

Rainy Season: May to October

Shoulder Season Months: November & May

walkway full of palm trees towards Playa Del Carmen main beach, a must visit on your Riviera Maya itinerary

Where to Stay in the Riviera Maya

There are several popular beach towns to consider visiting in the Riviera Maya, all different in their ways and preferable to some more than others. Here are some of the best beach towns and spots to visit for vacation in the Riviera Maya!

Puerto Morelos — A famous port town known for its coral reefs, small-town vibes, and several large resorts along the town shorelines and conveniently only 20 minutes from Cancun International Airport

Playa Del Carmen — Lively beach town full of many things to do, known for its famous 5th Avenue street full of bars/restaurants/shops and many tourist attractions

Cozumel — Mexico’s largest and most famous island, best known for its vibrant, healthy coral reefs, making it a world destination for divers; also known for its many beach clubs, jeep safaris, and laidback atmosphere

Puerto Aventuras — A small community town known for its several large resorts along its shoreline, the town is smaller, making for a quieter, more intimate beach town

Akumal — Most famous for its waters full of many sea turtle species and other marine life, tourists come from all over the region to swim with sea turtles in Akumal. Overall, it’s a calming, sleepy beach town and is conveniently only 15 minutes away from Tulum

Tulum — Known for its extensive beach shorelines, cenotes, Mayan ruins, beach clubs, and world-renowned nightlife, Tulum is a popular destination among world travelers

Riviera Maya in November — Final Thoughts

Are you convinced visiting the Riviera Maya in November is an excellent idea?

No matter the time of year, Riviera Maya is an excellent vacation destination with several beach towns ideal for all visitors!

If you’re looking to save on hotels/flights in the Riviera Maya, visiting in November would make the most sense. If November has passed and you’d still like to visit but prefer to pay prices similar to November, avoid visiting December or the first two weeks in January.

Consider visiting at the end of January or in February. Prices for hotels/flights will be slightly higher than in November because this is when the high season is in full effect in the Riviera Maya, but it won’t be as expensive as in December or early January!

cotton candy skies by the ocean with one palm tree standing alone in the Riviera Maya coastline of Mexico
Credit: Scott Webb
What is Riviera Maya like in November?

The weather in the Riviera Maya is hot but not too hot in November. Expect a daily average temperature of 30 Celcius and a low of 24 Celcius at night.

Is November a good time to visit Riviera Maya?

November is a great time to visit the Riviera Maya. The dry season is beginning, and it’s before the busy holiday season, so fewer tourists are visiting.

Is it rainy in Riviera Maya in November?

No, it’s not; November is when the rainy season is coming to an end. It’s possible to experience some rain during this time, but it’s not likely.

What is the best time to visit Riviera Maya?

The best time to visit the Riviera Maya is during the dry season, from November to April.

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